Kavi's School of Dance is an amazing school to further your love for dance for both kids and adults of all levels. I've been coming here for almost two years and love every minute. Try Kavi's Dance School! You won't be disappointed!!

Ratna Gupta

Extremely satisfied with Kavi's School of Dance. Not only do they learn fantastic dancing (classical and bollywood), but learn how to work as a team, overcome obstacles and great leadership opportunities as they advance to higher level of dancing classes. Would recommend her school to everyone!

Karan Kalahasthi

Kavi is an amazing and passionate teacher! My daughter loves dance and looks forward to each week.

Laroline Laufer

I have known Kavita since childhood. She has had the passion for dance since school days. She had many obstacles but with her perseverance she kept dancing and taught her skills to many people. She is a dedicated dancer who believes in perfection. She is highly motivated and very hard working. I would recommend her always!! She's an amazing dancer who will give 100% to it.

Meenal A

I had a great time working with Kavi akka for a NATA convention show. She is one of the most graceful dancers i have ever seen!! She accommated all of the dancer's requests about schedules and put together a great performance in a very short time.


Mrudula Patel

Very professional and excellent way to teach, love her spirit and style of all different forms of dance. Kavi is very friendly and enthusiastic instructor, my kids love this school.

Chandra Kumar

I have been taking classes from Kavi's school of dance for the past four years. Kavitha's passion and dedication for Dance is very infectious. Her talent, creativity. Passion, energy and stamina for dance are all evident in every one of her classes. She constantly introduces new dances in the classes for the most popular Hindi and Telugu songs which makes the classes always exciting and energizing. Kavitha has learnt various classical Indian and western dances over the years and combines the different styles in the most creative way to make the dance steps always fun and exciting. Her classes are never a routine and always exhilarating.

Swati Agarwal

Kavi's passion for dancing and performing is reflected in every little detail at this school. I have been attending her fitness sessions for more than a years now and have had an opportunity to see many different aspects at this school from close quarters. I love the Bollywood dance based workouts. They are SUPER fun. The choice of songs is current and moves are impressive yet easy to follow. She gets the heart pumping, blood flowing and before you eveen realize it you are sweating, have had a full body workout and are feeling happy. It feels like a privilege to be able to practice dancing with her. Her moves, and expressions are that good.The school offers classes in many dance styles for all age groups.. There are many performance opportunities at reputed events. Kavi is not just a dance instructor to the kids. They look up to her and learn a lot more than dancing by joining the school.Give it a try! You will love it!

Pamela Boczar

I stumbled across Kavis school of dance accidentally and wanted to try a new style of dance that I never did before. It was one of the best decisions I've ever made ! It gave me a great cardio workout that I needed to get fit and I was able to learn techniques of various styles of Bollywood dance. I am super grateful, Kavi gave me the opportunity to advance rapidly through her program and be part of her performance team!!! I really enjoy performing on stage, being part of the creative process, the fitness/ dancing , the positive and encouraging atmosphere, the friendships, but most of all allowing my body to be free to express myself whilst embracing another culture. Our costumes are always so pretty! If you haven't joined yet, I encourage you to give it a try.....you won't regret it! Thanks Kavi!

Komal Dutt

Love her workout classes. Kavi's teaching style is an ideal combination of expertise and encouragement.

I would highly recommend her classes.

Maithili Kongara

Kavi is an amazing dancer , talented,professional and very passionate about dance.Always on positive note to teach kids. My Daughter thrived and grew in her dance abilities and confidence since she started taking classes at Kavi school of dance.

Moha Trivedi

Great studio! I have danced here for almost 7 years and i learned both Bollywood and bharatnatyam. Kavi auntie trained me in classical dance and it has helped me build a great foundation in dance. great for all ages but junior and senior dance classes are very based on performances and competitions. most dances are learned for a specific performance or it is choreographed to dance at a specific place. great place but a lot of commitment is required.

Ahm Shah

My daughter dances at Kavi school since she was 4. Lucky to be a small part of one of the best schools in nj, you would see Kavi schools name in the winners column always during major competitions. Thanks to Kavi and her teachers for providing an amazing dance platform for our kids... my daughter enjoys being there with her teachers, friends and seniors. She rarely misses a single class!!!

Amazing performances. Kavi is very talented. Love this place.

Sandhya Nair

Rajeev Chandrasekharan

A passionate dancer providing a fun filled and energetic atmosphere. Highly recommend it