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About Kavi


Kavita’s passion for dance began with an interesting anecdote when she was just 4 years old. Kavita’s parents took her to the movie ‘Sagarasangamam’, one of India’s most noted dance movies. While actor Kamal Hassan displayed his whole repertoire of dance moves on screen, little Kavita broke into her own dance rhythm in the theatre and gyrated joyfully to the music on screen catching the attention of the audience in the theatre! Her parents knew then that there was a spark for dance in their little daughter. They decided to nurture this talent and so started Kavita onto formal dance education when she turned 7. There was no looking back since then.


Kavita took to dance like a fish takes to water. She took her first steps in the world of dance by getting a solid grounding in the classical dances Bharatanatyam and Kuchipudi. Over the next 7 years, she excelled in both these dance forms regularly winning dance competitions all over India.


Being a good student, she managed to establish a good balance between her academics and art.


Kavita soon attained fame and recognition across India at the high school level as being a top flight performer in classical dances and won a continuous stream of awards, certificates and encomiums for her performances thus bringing immense pride to her school and city. Her high school dance career is filled with achievements including dance performances in front of luminaries such as Sonia Gandhi, President of India Shankar Dayal Sharma as well as invitations to international cultural society meetings in the USA and France.

Artistic Director