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What Our Students Learn

We offer a variety of dance-related services, including performances at your special events

(weddings, sweet 16s, corporate events, etc.). Below are some of the styles our students train in.

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Pure Classical Costumes Made of Kanchi P



Bharatanatyam is the oldest classical dance tradition of India. At Kavi's, we train from the very basics, giving our students a strong foundation to finally complete the long-awaited graduation ceremony, also known as the Arangetram.



Bollywood is a broad name given to several dance styles that are aptly done to Bollywood film songs. At Kavi's, we cover folk, kathak, hip hop, belly dance, Indian classical, and more! Our students have won several awards at prestigious competitions performing our Bollywood choreographies. 




Kuchipudi is a traditional Indian classical dance-drama performance, with its roots in the ancient Hindu Sanskrit text of Natya Shastra. Our students who are trained in bharatanatyam skim through the basics and then advance to complex choreographies. 




Hip hop is a dance language spoken across continents. We teach several different street styles, and sometimes even combine them with popular Bollywood dance moves and songs. This class is exclusively for boys.




Contemporary dance is an expressive dance style, combining elements of modern, jazz, lyrical, and classical ballet to connect the mind and body through fluid dance movements. We seamlessly blend precision acrobatic stunts and formations to create beautifully unique and impressive choreographies. Our students benefit from increased flexibility and body conditioning. 




Semi-classical dance has its origins in Indian classical and folk dance, and breaks the stylized structures and forms of Indian classical dance, and adopts a more contemporary style, thus giving the classical dancer the liberty to explore being within the style

Netted Lime Green Lenghas with Various B



This is the name given to the South Indian film industry, and dances done to Tollywood songs is essentially called Tollywood-style dancing. This dance form is generally very high in energy and has an earthy feel to it. It is highly entertaining to watch and perform and brings out the flavors of south india through moves and expressions. 




​Facial expressions are just as important as the dance moves when putting life into a performance and telling a story through dance. Hence, we emphasize on giving our students a good understanding of how to express certain emotions with their face and hand movements. 

Private Lessons



We prepare students for solo performances when they have to compete or showcase their individual talents. Many students have learned customized pieces for talent shows, dance competitions, beauty pageants, wedding performances, and more!





We train adults of different dance backgrounds - whether you have dance experience or want to start now, we have choreography and trained instructors specific to your needs. Private lessons can be to start learning the basics of dance in a private setting, or to learn a choreography for a special event. 



Kavi's School of Dance has trained many couples for wedding or anniversary performances.

We also offer private lessons for small groups to learn group choreographies. 

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