Hi Kavi,
I have been taking Kavi’s class for about two months now and am completely enjoying myself.  Although this style of dance is new and therefore challenging, Kavi makes it easy to learn.  She is a gifted teacher in breaking down movement and in also teaching the meaning of the dances.  I find the techniques earthy and culture rich and especially enjoy the traditional folk type dances.  And when the class wears traditional clothing, the percussion sounds from the clothing add a dimension of fun that makes the entire class laugh and smile.  Having a blast! 
Thank you Kavi
Berkeley Heights
Hi Kavi,
You are an excellent Bollyfusion instructor. You inspire everyone with your grace, style, choreography and your expertise in indian classical, belly dancing, salsa and Bollywood style dancing. I get a great workout and have fun at the same time! This is one workout I will never complain about:-) The workout is quite intense with some fun dance steps from different genres! Every friend I introduced to the class only has one word "Excellent"! And they also say that you make the difference! I totally agree with them! I am a big fan of your workout routines which have the most panache! I hope you will make a video and inspire more people.
Best Wishes
Usha Kotamarti.
Hi Kavi,
I enjoy your Thursday evening Bollywood class at Lifetime. I love the warm-up segment of the class, and the cool down is nice, too. I especially love all the sexy movements---the sexier, the better! I am happy you now usually face the mirrors when teaching the dances, as it is easier to follow that way. The music is great, and you are a beautiful dancer. I like your spirit and energy. It would be easier for me to learn the choreography if you would do it along with us a little more often. It was fun to wear the coin hip skirts you brought in. Thanks for bringing a great form of dance to Lifetime..I will be trying to get to your class each Thursday.
Marilyn Joseph


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